Better outcomes for pregnant women at trauma centers

A new study from the State of Washington, USA

shutterstock_330109316Traumatic events during pregnancy are a subject of minor attendance. Unfortunately, approximately 8 percent of pregnant women sustain traumatic injuries. These injuries can result in major problems for both mother and neonate. Neonatal complications are preterm labor, low birthweight and meconium at delivery.

There are different types of trauma units in the United States. Some of them are usual trauma units at general hospitals and other are specialized trauma centers. These trauma centers show better outcomes and less mortality in injured patients compared to general hospitals. The effect on pregnant women is never adequately studied yet.

A new study from the State of Washington investigated maternal and neonatal outcomes after trauma between 1995 and 2012. The leading causes of trauma were both vehicle accidents and falls. The researchers found a better outcome for injured, pregnant women at trauma centers compared to general hospital. Mothers treated in trauma centers showed lower odds of premature birth, low birth weight and meconium delivery. A secondary outcome of the study showed that pregnant women may be under triage. One-fifth of injured pregnant patients in general hospitals had severe injuries, maybe implying an under triage because all of these patients were treated in general hospitals.

In conclusion, this study states that injured, pregnant patients showed better result in trauma centers and therefore, adequate triage-system are of major importance.

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