E-cigarettes weaken immune system

A new study from the University of California-San Diego (UCSD)

In the last decades the dangers of smoking cigarettes have clearly been demonstrated. Cardiovascular disease and lung cancer are the most common complications of continuously inhaling toxic agents. As a result of these dangers, modern industrial companies have developed several types of so-called “e-cigarettes”. The new cigarettes are widely used by both teenagers and adults. New research showed that even these devices can affect your airways and immune systems. The researchers performed mouse studies to examine the effects of seven different e-cigarettes.

The researchers found that mice exposed to e-vapors had 10% higher inflammatory markers than unexposed mice. A secondary finding of the experiment was a change in virulence of bacteria in exposed mice. Exposed mice with pneumonia showed more virulent bacteria stems than unexposed mice. Also, the MRSA-bacteria  become more virulent after the e-vapor exposition. This higher virulence is a result of the formation of biofilms, adherence to and invasion of airway cells and resistance against the human immune system. The researchers don’t find a difference between the studied e-cigarettes.

As a conclusion the researches stated that e-cigarettes are far from benign. At high doses, the e-vapor can directly kill lung cells and the higher inflammatory markers may suggest an inflammatory reaction on the inhaled chemicals. One of the researchers said that it is not yet clear which lung and systemic diseases will be caused by inhaling e-cigarette vapor.

Read the full article: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/305829.php