EHA Accreditation Process

The steps and requirements for obtaining European Heart Association accreditation are as follows:

  1.  An institution must be a member of EHA in order to apply for accreditation.
  2. The applicant must submit an Eligibility Application (for institutional or program accreditation), which should include:
    • Training goals, objectives and practices
    • Student, faculty and financial resources
    • Program policies and procedures
    • Competencies students are expected to obtain
    • Actual outcome data that demonstrates the achievement of these competencies
  3. The Eligibility Application will undergo an initial review by accreditation staff, resulting in approval or denial of a site visit or program review, whichever is applicable, by a team of professional colleagues. If approved, an invoice will be sent to the school and must be paid in full within one month of receipt for the evaluation to proceed.
  4.  After the site visit or program review, the site visit team will submit a report to the Accreditation Committee, which will be given an opportunity to review and comment on that report.
  5. After the above process is completed, the Accreditation Committee awards accreditation to those applicants and programs judged to be in accordance with the Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation of Programs (G&P) by the EHA. The Accreditation Committee can also deny accreditation to applicants and programs if they do not meet the G&P.
  6.  The applicant will receive an official letter from the EHA informing the institution that its application for accreditation has been approved or denied, or that additional steps are required before a final decision can be issued.

Note: The process of accreditation takes on average about 3 months from the time an applicant submits an Eligibility Application until the Accreditation Committee reaches a decision. The process may take longer, as the Accreditation Committee can defer making a decision either prior to or after the site visit or program review in order to request further information from the institution. If accredited, the effective accreditation date is the date of the site visit or program review. There is no guarantee that an applicant will obtain accredited status, or even be granted a site visit or program review.