It is our aim at the European Heart Association (further referred to as the “EHA”) to respect your privacy. We believe that any personal data has to be collected, used and stored in the most adequate manner. In this privacy statement, we would like to inform you about how we collect and use your data as well as how you can ask us to amend or remove your data. This privacy statement is addressed for visitors to our website, creators of an EHA account, purchasers of products or services, individuals submitting an application, proposal, or other form of submission via the website or e-mail as well as any other persons, whose personal data is being collected and processed by us.

If you have any questions after reading this privacy statement, or if you have a comment about the way we handle your personal data, then you will find more information at the bottom of this page on how you can get in touch with us.

I. What personal data do we collect and how do we collect this data?

We store personal data that is provided to us or data that is publicly available through business websites of your place of employment, where your business e-mail is publicly available. The data that we store is data provided when creating an EHA account, requesting membership, registering for an event or any kind of submission such as an application, proposal or request by e-mail or during a telephone or video/conference conversation or in person or data collected during conducting of marketing researches. This data is:

The EHA processes your information on the following situations and for the following objectives:

1. When creating an account on our website

We process your personal information when you are creating an account on our websites in order to give you access to our e-learning and to enable you to use the full functionality of our website. To register your account, we process the following data:

We need the above information for the following objective:

2. When subscribing for a membership

We process your personal information when you are subscribing for a membership in EHA in order to give you access to all services and benefits that the membership offers.

We collect the above information in order to be able to:

We process the above information based on your consent and in order to give fulfil our contractual obligation towards you and give you full experience of your membership.

If you don’t want to receive e-mails from us after you have become a member, we give you the option to opt-out from our mailing list.

3. Registering for an event

When you register for an event through the EHA, we process the below information:

We process the above information based on your consent and for the purposes of being able to register your attendance to the event and identify you. We think that it is a legitimate interest of EHA to be able to identify event participants. If you don’t want your data to be stored after the event is over, you can make use of your right to be forgotten and ask us to destroy your personal data.

4. When participating in EHA projects:

When you are participating in our projects as a professional appointed by our partner institutions, as a third party professional involved in the project or as a somehow involved member of our Partner organization, we have legitimate interest to process you information solely for the purposes of the project and to the necessary extend.

5. Any kind of submission by the data subject such as an application, proposal or request by e-mail

When you send us any kind of submissions, we don’t have control over the information that you choose to provide to us. In such cases we will consider that you gave us your implicit consent to process the data that you chose to share with us.

6. For direct marketing

In the course of conducting marketing research, we might find your contact details through publicly available sources, such as official websites of Universities, Higher education institutions and Hospitals.

In such cases we might contact you, if we think that our products/services are relevant to you considering your professional occupation. If we contact you for such purposes, it will be only on your business e-mail, thus we consider this as B2B marketing. In case you do not want to receive communication from us, you have the option to opt-out from our email list.

The information that we might collect during our marketing research is:

We collect this information based on our legitimate interest to promote our products/services. However, we always take into consideration your rights and interests first and balance them against our legitimate interest before we contact you.

The EHA only processes your personal data for specific objectives of the organisation, balancing the legitimate interests of the organisation against the interests and your rights. Below we give a brief description of these objectives, also known as the purpose of use.

EHA’s legitimate interest to promote and market it’s products, services and activities to subjects to whom we believe that what we offer could be relevant.

II. Who has access to your data and to whom is it disclosed?

Your personal data will primarily be accessible for:

III. What are your rights?

When we process your personal data you will be referred to as the Subject concerned under the GDPR. As a data Subject, you enjoy various rights to protect your privacy. You can contact us at any time to invoke your rights. You can find out how this can be done at the bottom of this page.

As a Subject you have the following rights

If you want to use one of the above rights, we ask you to send an email to

To establish your identity and to determine that the request really comes from you, we ask you to send a copy of your identity card or passport. To protect your privacy, we ask you to blacken the passport photo, the Social Security number, passport number, and MRZ code (series of numbers, letters and characters at the bottom of your passport). We will inform you when we have processed your request and we will strive to respond to your request within four weeks.

For your convenience you can use our Data Subject Access Request form, which can be downloaded from here.

IV. Can this privacy statement be modified?

Yes, we are authorised to modify or alter this privacy statement from time to time. An alteration or modification can result from unforeseen circumstances, future legislation or changed policies within the EHA. We will inform you of such alterations or modifications on our website. We recommend that you check our website on a regular basis.

V. Contact information

You can also contact us by post. Send your correspondence in this case to:

European Heart Association

Gondel 1


VI. Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with our response to or the way we have handled your question or comment, and you believe that we are dealing with your data unlawfully, you can submit a report to your local Supervisory Authority. The Supervisory Authority for Personal Data supervises compliance with privacy laws and regulations on behalf of the government. You can submit your report or complaint on the website of your local Supervisory Authority.