The European Heart Association is devoted to transforming the educational process in healthcare through innovative methods and intensive communication IT.

The EHA believes that effective education is best established by sharing knowledge and accepting feedback, not just from dedicated teachers but from a broad community of users. We encourage crowd review and promote intelligent discussions among colleagues as a means of understanding medical concepts and issues from a wide range of perspectives. As these discussions are moderated by experts from various EHA committees, we bring to light not just the facts and evidence, but also the myths and misunderstandings surrounding various topics. Over the past 10 years, we have been developing cutting edge content, resulting in the creation of an extensive medical educational library.

As an independent organization with innovation at its heart, The European Heart Association unites and engages key stakeholders across the health and care ecosystem through events, media, analytics and communities that are focused on helping healthcare professionals and institutions to define their educational goals and strategies, meanwhile supporting the healthcare industry to improve its services.

By offering a high quality, Pan-European platform to collaborate and exchange best practice, news, information and data, The European Heart Association has a unique breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to improve the quality of education and promote collaboration on defining the best and most relevant content for healthcare professionals across Europe.

Enhancing professional education and practice optimization

As the European health care system continues to evolve, the European Heart Association is dedicated to helping physicians successfully navigate the environment successfully by promoting continuing educational solutions that can result in improved health outcomes for patients and greater professional satisfaction for health care providers.

The European Heart Association is investing significant resources to evaluate long-term paths to practice improvement and professional competence.