Coffee lovers rejoice: regular caffeine does not cause extra heartbeats

This study is published in the Journal of American Heart Association and led by Dr. Gregory Marcus, a cardiologist from the University of California-San Francisco.

It is a popular belief that regular caffeine intake leads to palpitations or extra heartbeats. This comes with the risk of heart problems, stroke, and even death in rare cases! However, this new study questions such a belief. This new insight is relevant for all doctors, nurses and medical students, since it is their job to inform patients properly.

In this study, 6,000 participants were included and their baseline food frequency and heart rhythm were assessed. The participants’ frequency of coffee, tea and chocolate consumption were determined through a survey. Results showed that there was no difference in incidence of extra heart beats per hour in all levels of coffee, tea and chocolate intake. Furthermore, participants who consumed such products more frequently did not have extra heartbeats.

Which these results, the researchers recommend a reconsideration of the current clinical recommendations. Right now, doctors are uncertain about how to counsel patients regarding consumption of caffeinated products. The findings propose that patients should not be counselled to unnecessarily reduce their intake, especially when they like coffee, tea or chocolate. There are even recent studies that suggest cardiovascular benefits linked to caffeine sources such as coffee, tea and chocolate. Furthermore, a recent study also suggests that moderate coffee intake may prevent premature death. All the more reason to reconsider the current guidelines!

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